Death Token

Death Token is this project's fifth layer farming token. This is the third of 7 tokens, each one per each layer of the volume.

To get Destruction please click here:


  • You'll earn rewards by farming Death.

  • Stake Death on Vaults and earn rewards, like USDC.

  • Hold Death until Layer 7 for extra rewards

Death Token Details

Max Supply Distribution

  • 0 token minted for creators

  • 0 token minted for infrastructure.

  • Any token not used for partnerships will be burned at the end of Farming.

Launch Deposit Fees Distribution

4% Deposit fees are used for:

  • Rewards Kingdoms ( Death Kingdoms).

  • Partnerships.

  • Marketing.

  • Audits.

  • Dev Salaries.

Launch Type: Presale with Blacklisting

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