New Features

We are coming to the last layer of the 7 that we talked about several months ago, and we are saving a lot of things for the end.

Here you will find out what’s coming:

New Front End for our Dapp

Our dev team has been working hard on improving both the UI and UX of our dApp. What started as a fork of another project, slowly turned into our own code. Our own workflow. As it always happens with dApps, evolving is a hard and gradual work. Knowing our community, the needs and the best way to present the project, shows the maturity of our technical team.

New MasterChef with extended features

Through the layers, we added features to each of them. Always looking to improve the community experience.

MasterChef is the Smart Contract that manages farming

So this new MasterChef, comes extended with many new features.

NFT Boosting

Until now, we only boosted Kingdoms. From now on, also in our pools/farms you will be able to boost what you have deposited. This way, whoever has NFTs will be able to have a bigger reward.

Farming Experience

From now on, every time a farming is boosted with NFT, you will also get more experience. This way, the more you use it, the more useful it will become.

Harvest Lockup

Although it is a controversial feature, it is useful in the first hours after the farming starts. With this feature you will be able to maintain higher prices and APRs for a longer period of time. The way it will be used will be communicated as it is defined.

NFT to the Roof!!

NFT has always been a central feature at Sandman Finance. There was talk from the beginning that those who join us during the 7 layers will be rewarded.

One Layer, 2 NFTs

As this is the last layer, we have decided to release the two endless that are missing to reach the complete collection of 7 figures.Therefore, in this layer 2 NFTs will be distributed:

  1. In the Presale will be given: Destiny NFT.

  2. Then a sale of Death NFT will take place.

The Special NFT is next

As always said, those who join us in the 7 chapters will be rewarded.

So the passport to the V2 of Sandman finance is done through collecting the 7 NFTs of the endless.

Then you will be able to exchange the 7 NFT cards for an Endless NFT card. And this will be the way to continue with the second version of the platform.

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