NFT Cards Composition

Layer's NFT Cards

Each layer will have its own NFT Card. One card per layer.

Each NFT Card will have a set of skills:

  • Strength. Strength represents the physical strength of a hero. When using most types of physical damage weapons, strength will determine your attack power.

  • Agility. Agility represents coordination, physical flexibility, reaction and balance skills. Agility determines the character's evasiveness.

  • Endurance. Endurance represents health and stamina, the value of life, so physical is essential. In addition to health, stamina also determines the likelihood of a character being affected by disadvantages.

  • Intelligence. Intelligence represents a character's ability to learn and think. Intelligence affects the number of spells the hero can cast, the difficulty of the opponent's spell resistance and the damage that spell generates.

  • Wisdom Wisdom represents the ability to make the right decisions at the right time. It is used to strike more accurate blows, and to evade attacks more effectively.

  • Magic Magic represents the strength of the hero's spiritual power. A hero with stronger magic power will receive less magic damage.

  • Generation Represents the layer in which this NFT was born.

  • Experience. The character gains experience points in each kingdom or battle, the more experience the character has, the more accurate his hits will be.

The Experience starts at 0 on every NTF card. You can increase experience by using your NFT in Kingdoms or Battles.

Each skill will be generated randomly using Chainlink Ramdomness engine. NFT benefits will last for Sandman Finance's 7 Layers.

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