Anti-Bot System

Blacklisting feature to protect the Community

In a never-ending effort to get the best security for our community we added to our contract an Anti-bot Feature using Blacklisting Technique.

The main focus of this feature is to guard the initial liquidity from bots.

How does it work?

The Anti-bot Feature checks for 3 conditions:

Condition 1: Tx higher than expected.

  • No transaction should be higher than the max threshold:

    3% of Initial Liquidity Amount.

    This condition helps have a fairer launch.

As a result, the transaction won't be completed. You'll get an error.

Condition 2: Wallet balance higher than expected.

  • No wallet balance should be higher than the max threshold:

    9% of Initial Liquidity Amount.

This condition helps identify bots that want to buy multiple smaller transactions than allowed and then unify in one wallet.

This condition verifies both sender and receiver addresses.

If this condition is triggered, the bot address is automatically added to the blacklist.

Condition 3: Wallet already blacklisted.

  • The current wallet shouldn't be on the blacklist already.

This condition check for the bot address to already be on the blacklist. If this is the case, the transaction gets invalidated.

This condition verifies both sender and receiver addresses.

Manual add to the Blacklist

The Sandman Finance Team will be monitoring transactions while this feature is on. Any suspicious address/tx will trigger a manual add of the wallet to the blacklist.

Feature Availability Timeline

This feature will be turned on before token launch and will be turned off before farming starts.

Blacklist will be on forever.

False Positive - What to do?

If you get blacklisted and can prove that you aren't a bot, Please contact Sandman Finance Customer Support, and we'll help you get out of the blacklist.

Any o multiple proofs of authenticity could be asked. Transaction logs, wallet addreses, etc.

Telegram Antibot Notifier

We have implemented a notifier on our telegram channel: @SandmanAntibot

So every time the system detects a bot, it's notified for the entire community to know. This is an example of the notification:

Antibot Dashboard

On our platform you have a way to check the status of the Antibot System. In here you can check if:

  1. Condition 1 is on or off. Tx higher than expected.

  2. Condition 2 is on or off. Wallet balance higher than expected.

  3. Condition 3 is on or off. The Address is already blacklisted.

You can find the dashboard here:

It looks like this:

How to check for address status

To check if an address is blacklisted:

  1. Type a wallet address in the form

  2. Click check

  3. The result will show if the wallet is banned or not.

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