Death Kingdom

  • Stake your $DEATH in the DEATH KINGDOM

  • Earn rewards for that Death Kingdom in other tokens.

Play Prediction Harvest Game

  1. Stake $Death to earn other tokens

  2. Remove harvest lockup playing price prediction game (MATIC/USD)

  3. Boost your rewards using your NFT Card

  4. Oracle & VFR Random powered by CHAINLINK

If you want to have your project become one of our Death kingdoms, please go to our main site and fill the partnership form.


1 . Stake Death and Earn Token Reward1 (a) - Select your NFT Card to boost your rewards. 2. Harvest look up 4hs. 3. If you want to harvest earlier, play the prediction game. 4. Each round is 5 min long. 5. Guess Bull or Bear Matic/USD value. 6. When you win, you can harvest earlier!

No fee! (only network fee)

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