Endless NFT's Cards

As part of the community journey across the sandman universe, the Sandman Finance team is proud to present The Endless NFTs Cards.

NFT's Cards will be the Sandman Finance Gambling Engine.

Each skill will be generated randomly using the Chainlink Randomness engine.

You'll get benefits across all layers just by holding the NFT card in your wallet.

NFT benefits will last for Sandman Finance's 7 Layers.

NFTs Characters Released so far

NFT Contract: 0x743F554f6AcCd4E452AF6C96c48B78E849d87316

Check all collection here: https://app.death.sandman.finance/nft-collection

Layer 1 - Dream (Sandman)

"Dream was born once the first sentient life forms capable of dreaming appeared in the universe. As one of the seven infinite and inconceivably powerful beings, Dream is the lord of all dreams, stories and everything that does not exist in reality. Through his tools of power, he possesses absolute control over the dreams, nightmares and even the insomnia of all existence."

Layer 2 - DELIRIUM

"Delirium is one of the seven Endless, inconceivably powerful beings, Delirium is both lord and personification of all Delirium and Sanity. She had god-like powers and absolute power over her realm, which is a chaotic, constantly changing mass of colors and strange objects and shapes. She is capable of bringing sanity or madness to any and all within her scope."


"Despair is the second youngest of the Endless. Her realm is a gray, foggy space filled with rats and mirrors which she uses to look upon people in their despair. Despair's sigil is a hooked ring she wears on her left hand which she uses to tear into her flesh."

Layer 4 - Destruction

"Destruction is the fourth eldest of the Endless. He is the younger brother of Dream. He is also known as Olethros. He is the only one of the Endless to abandon his realm and responsibilities and so is often referred to as The Prodigal. Since he abandoned his realm, there is no sigil in the galleries for him, though he keeps his own gallery(wherein is a sword, his sigil of old)."

Layer 5 - Desire

" Desire is the third youngest of the Endless and the twin of Despair. The anthropomorphic personification of its name, Desire blends in effortlessly with whatever environment it finds itself in.

Desire is easily the most casually cruel of the Endless. It seems obsessed with interfering with the affairs of its elder siblings and has a particular animosity toward Dream. The motivation behind its attitude is not clear but seems to be simply a vicious variation on childish one-up-manship. Desire may not be entirely aware of the consequences of its actions but considers any consequences ultimately unimportant."

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